IDI Graduate Awards 2018 Shortlist Announced

Thursday December 6, 2018 – IADT, Dun Laoghaire

IDI Graduate Awards 2018 Shortlist Announced

First there were almost 500 we are down to just the 98 finalists! Congratulations to all our graduating students from 12 different colleges who made the 2018 IDI Graduate Design Awards Shortlist.

This year was our best and biggest ever entry with 488 projects entered. This has been whittlled down to our finalists. Big congratulations to each and everyone of these, representing 13 design colleges north, south east and west. These finalists chosen as part of our exhibition represent a wide range of design colleges across the country and the very best of student work in Ireland. 

We wish to thank our supporters CEUD and our sponsors Arup, Design Partners  and Boxclever for their advice, help and support. We also wish to thank all of our wide range of IDI judges, who gave freely of their time on this over a few weeks to enure we made good and fair decisions on all categories.

Exhibition & Prize-giving

The exhibition and prize-giving will take place in IADT on the evening of 6th December starting at 6pm, with awards at 7pm. The exhibition of these graduate entries from students all over Ireland will take place in IADT from Friday 7th December until Wednesday 12th December, open weekdays from 10am - 5pm (please note the college is closed Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December).

We welcome all graduated students who were shortlisted to attend this event on Thursday 6th December at 6pm at IADT.

IDI Graduate Design Awards Shortlist 2018


2307       Wilhelmina Grange: Young and a Menace -  Alison O'Leary-Fitzpatrick DIT

2422       Pernicio Motion Sequence - Ruby Corcoran IADT

2311       The lollipop Man - Title Sequence - Ciara Wade IADT

2047       Not Enough Time - Sophie Hughes NCAD


2185       Noah's Ark - Hostel for Homeless Women and Children - Robert Jurkovic GCD

2162       A Technical Investigation of Retrofitting an Existing D2-BER Rated Domestic Dwelling - Ian Kavanagh DIT

2302       ICU Productions - Greta Usaite DIT

Design - Clothing (Stage Costume and Fashion Design)   

2395       Discord - Anna O'Doherty LSAD

2438       'Design with Purpose - Transformable Clothing' Niamh Flynn NCAD

2317       Rare Imprints - Claire Malone NCAD

Design Research               

2241       The Death of the Real — Simulations of Reality and the Human Condition - Shauna Buckley IADT

2378       Toponomic Typography and National Identity: The street signage of Bratislava - Declan Behan DIT

2146       “I’m Coming Out”: The expression of queer identity through Irish nightclub flyers, 1980s—2000s - Emer Brennan IADT

2456       Pointless? Emojis and Memes as New Communication Strategies - Justyna Liska IADT

2186       The soft sell of a hard idea. Ladybird books and nostalgic parody. - Kayleigh McCarthy, IADT

Digital Design: UX/UI      

2315       Ōra: Exploration into Mixed Reality Interaction Design - Ciaran Trotman UL

2346       Trails - Mark Ennis, NCAD

2324       Passages, Dark Sky Architect - Lauren Day DID

2412       Terms and conditions - Ruby Corcoran IADT

Exhibition Design/Visual Merchandising 

2132       #NOMEANS - Susannah O'huadhaigh IADT

2195       Weaving Culture - Shannon Robinson DIT

2092       Social Fusion Coloured Tapestry - Karla McMahon DIT

2083       Bollocks: The Punk Graphics of Jamie Reid - Ruairí Crawley IADT               

Fashion & Textiles: Textiles         

2362       A Numbers Game - Nicola Hutchinson NCAD

2238       Dynamic - Sinead Foley LSAD

2314       Rare Imprints - Claire Malone NCAD               

Interior Design / Interior Architecture    

2289       "AlterEd" Makerspace / Fablab - Michael Fitton CIT

2065       Fight Centre - Ellen Eriksen GCD

2130       Noah's Ark - Hostel for Homeless Women and Children - Robert Jurkovic GCD

2224       ICU Productions - Greta Usaite DIT              

Ove Arup Award        

2168       A Technical Investigation of Retrofitting an Existing D2BER rated domestic dwelling - Ian Kavanagh DIT

2510       Noahs Ark, A hostel for homeless persons – Robert Jurkovic GCD

2508       The Chocolate Factory Reimagined – Dawn Bradfield GCD

2516       Third Space Community Centre – Aoife Ryan CIT              

Product Design - Furniture Design            

2320       Contemporary Heirlooms – Stuart Hayes DIT

2276       The "IE" Table – Philip Robinson Ulster University

2160       Transformation – Dominika Walus DIT              

Product Design - Handmade product - (Including stage and screen)         

2322       Contemporary Heirlooms – Stuart Hayes DIT

2214       Curious Constructions – Egle Banyte Ulster University         

Product Design - Industrial or Consumer products            

2073       Impact - Concussion Tracking Made Certain – Stephen Johnson UL

2128       IGNAUTICA - Underwater Search and Recovery System – Jordan Kelly UL

2392       Layer : Modular, customisable, sustainable casual footwear – Evan Stuart DIT

2110       SensorPath – Darragh O’Boyle Maynooth University             

Product Design - Medical Devices             

2063       PEP: Prescribed Exercise Prompt – Gavin Moore DIT

2134       OptiFlex – Fergal Cassidy DIT

2170       StrydeTech – Kevin Hayes CIT

2208       DuoSense – Natasha Clarke Maynooth University                

Product Design - Social  

2255       Death Wishes – Rachel Marsden NCAD

2114       Core Mobile Application – Tatiana Macari DID

2357       Feast – Mark Ennis NCAD

2466       Ground – Rachael Ryan DIT            

Transdisciplinary Design Project 

2444       Noa – Olivia Holbrook DIT

2454       Fashion & Product Design 'Design with Purpose - Transformable Clothing' – Niamh Flynn NCAD

2184       Little Talks – Stephanie Connolly IADT

2434       Terms and conditions – Ruby Corcoran IADT           

Vis Comm Brand Identity              

2239       INCOMING – Shauna Buckley IADT

2179       LittleTalks – Stephanie Connolly IADT

2413       Scum – Justyna Liska IADT

2216       Irish Beef — Bord Bía – Shauna Buckley IADT

2354       Le Chéile – Alannah Calvert CIT           

Vis Comm Design for Digital         

2226       Terminal_01 – Liam Hamill IADT

2305       Dublin Bus Mapping project – Alison O’Leary Fitzpatrick DIT

2085       Idir: The Future of Digital Healthcare – Ruairí Crawley IADT

2338       DIT Graduate Exhibition 2018 Website – Eoghan Shanley DIT

2183       Little Talks – Stephanie Connolly IADT             

Vis Comm Packaging Design        

2407       The Humble Oyster. Packaging Design – Ruby Corcoran IADT

2467       Special Edition Gordon labels: 250th Anniversary – Denise O’Flanagan DIT

2200       Buj Coffee Project – Ciara O’Reilly WIT

2180       LittleTalks – Stephanie Connolly IADT        

Vis Comm Printed Book 

2414       One Bite One Bird – Sam Kay NCAD

2369       Transcendence of a Star – Keilah Cass NCAD

2498       Hiberno-English: How the Irish speak English – James Hennigan LYIT

2222       No Place Good Place – Shauna Buckley IADT

2125       Cursory Glance – Melissa Sirois DID

2159       We live in a society not an economy – Naomi Strintati LSAD

2343       Best Before – Annie Moriarty NCAD

2499       Manufacturing Spam – Caroline Doyle IADT

2138       The Life and Death of the Thirteen Month Calendar – Liam Hamill IADT            

Vis Comm Printed material (other than books)   

2191       La Finta Giardiniera Opera Programme & Poster – Kayleigh McCarthy IADT

2443       Rec'd – Michael O’Riordan AIT

2349       Done Dog – Annie Moriarty NCAD

2182       Little Talks – Stephanie Connolly IADT

2420       La Finta. Catalogue Design. Printed matter – Ruby Corcoran IADT

2264       Homeless not voiceless – Stephen Kenny IADT               

Vis Comm Use of Illustration in Design   

2436       Galzine. – Alannah Calvert CIT

2309       Bodies: an illustrated anthology – Alison O’Leary Fitzpatrick DIT

2265       Don't Drink the Kool-Aid – Gavin Connell NCAD

2181       Little Talks – Stephanie Connolly IADT

2297       Gifts – Annie Moloney DID

2054       Mocking obstacles – Monika Szynkiewicz CIT

2402       Still Bisexual – Amy McGrath DIT             

Vis Comm Use of Typography in Design 

2405       (ISTD) Anniversary- Polish Independence Day – Justyna Liska IADT

2496       ISTD: Boycott – Declan Behan DIT

2323       Athraitheach – Declan Behan DIT

2358       the irish woman's place – Aideen O’Neill DID

2192       La Finta Giardiniera Opera Programme & Poster – Kayleigh McCarthy IADT

2242       No Place Good Place – Shauna Buckley IADT

2287       Moon Bound – Christine Akinrinde DIT