My Vision for the Year Ahead, Róisín Lafferty, IDI President

Roisin presents her ambitions for her year as President of the IDI

I wanted to take this opportunity at the start of my tenure as IDI President to share my vision for the coming year.

As designers, creativity is at the core of what we do. Recent research indicates that creative jobs are far less at risk to automation than other areas of employment; so design in all its guises will continue to attract the brightest and best. We owe it to ourselves and to future practitioners to make the IDI as relevant, vibrant and representative as we can.

Design is such a broad term, covering such varied disciplines as architecture, graphic design, fashion, gaming and UX design. My goal is for the IDI to be a place to connect, get support and access valuable resources for designers of all hues.
Over the coming year, I also want to focus on certain areas to make considered and valuable changes that will be of benefit to all IDI members:

  1. I will create a three year strategy to showcase the immense talent across the different disciplines. I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel about Irish design and the creativity and talent of Irish designers. I want this work to be seen and showcased nationally and internationally, ultimately encouraging businesses to appreciate our talent and to invest in it. By doing this, I hope to increase national and international business engagements for Irish designers
  2. More immediately, I wish to explore IDI membership and the benefits we can provide to our members.
  3. This goes hand in hand with improving our communications process. We have a wealth of talent within our membership, with fascinating and informative stories to share. We must further utilise our social media and other marketing assets to tell these stories.
  4. I will also strengthen and support the fantastic ongoing IDI initiatives that reflect so well on the IDI and its members - the Graduate and IDI Awards, WhyDesign, Feed and Mind Over Matter. 

I would like to acknowledge all the volunteers, members, Board members and Council members who generously give up their time for the benefit and development of the IDI. Working together with a shared vision and commitment, we are developing an Institute that works for and is reflective of its members. My tenure will be very small part of this ongoing process, but I hope that by July 2020 we will have moved a little in the right direction. 

I look forward to meeting and working with IDI members over the coming year.