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The IDI Design Awards 2018 SHORTLIST



Digital Design: ITMA – A Grand Time [(Red Dog)]; 2018 Fjord Trends Digital Campaign [John Moriarty (Fjord)]
Digital Experience: Keogh's Farm [Rhys Jenkins (Open)]; Carron + Walsh [Zanya Dahl (Artizan)]; Mac-Group [Rhys Jenkins (Open)] La Cote Website [ Yvonne Rath, (Pixelpod)], DL Planning [Zanya Dahl (Artizan)]
Digital Services: ID2020 [Rachel Earley (Fjord)]


Accessories: Architectural: Links Collection [Emer Roberts]; Wearable Biology [Emer Roberts]; The Hay Meadow [Gillian Corcoran]
Clothing: AW18 – Guaranteed to Bleed [Natalie Coleman]


Design Education & Research: Designing Learning [Emma Creighton, (NCAD], A Modular Approach to Type Design [Leon Butler]; DRS2018 [Muireann McMahon (UL)]
Universal Design: Juku Packaging (Dolmen)]; Getting the Messages – Dementia Inclusive Shopping [Úna Healy]; Our Lady’s Hospice, Palliative Care Facility, Harold’s Cross, Dublin [Samantha Mayes (Reddy Architecture)]
Collaborative Design: Reflections On [JP Dowling (NCAD)]; Shuttle & Shafts [Paul Kelly (Form Native)]; A Thousand Kisses [Alan Dunne]
Sustainable Design: Sun Room [Elspeth Lee (Superposition)]; MagPin [Paul Roper]; Delta Den [Sorcha Maguire]


Consumer Products: BellaMoon – Nurture & Rest [Stephen McGilloway (Bigsmall)]; BrainWaveBank Project Turin [Stephen McGilloway (Bigsmall)]; SeeSense ACE [Stephen McGilloway (Bigsmall)] Logitech MX [Design Partners], Little Architect [Damien Murtagh]
Craft Design: Handmade Product: Gin & Tonic Tables [Max Federov (Third Mind Design)]
Industrial Products: EVSE Systems EV Charger [Dominic Southgate (Boxclever)]; Moocall Heat [Frances Mitchell (Dolmen)]; Cylon CBX [Dominic Southgate (Boxclever)]
Furniture Design: ICON 40 [Gavin Duignan (ICS Furniture)]; Art Cart [Philip Murray]; A Family of Bedroom Furniture [David Leech]


Domestic Interiors: A Conservatory Room [David Leech]; Ivanhoe House [Maria MacVeigh]; Goatstown Residence [Denise O'Connor (Optimise Design)] Reenmore [Cornelia Hope, Legge Architects], Bolton Coach House [Padraig Burke]
Visual Merchandising: Pettitt's Store Design [Richard Barnwall (Exhibit)]; The House of Peroni [Sean Lennon (Think Design)]; Jameson Caskmates Stage Cellar Installation [Max Federov (Third Mind Design)]
Architectural Design: Steep Wedge House [Gareth Sullivan (Simply Architecture)]; Landscape Ivanhoe House [Maria MacVeigh]; Goatstown Residence [Denise O'Connor (Optimise Design)]
Commercial Interiors: Zendesk EMEA HQ [Paul Finnegan (Mola)]; Avolon Global HQ [Paul Finnegan (Mola)]; JJ Ruddle's @ Shannon Airport [Tess Stanford Design], Edo [Orla Maguire], Titanic Hotel [Maria Rice] Stella Theatre [Anne-Marie O'Neill]
Exhibition Design: Showcase 2018 [Stephen McNamara (Roji)]; RIAI Conference [Amanda Bone]; Freespace – 16th International Architecture Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) – Supergraphics and Exhibition Design [David Smith (Atelier)]; Cool Planet Experience [Peter Whittaker]
Built Structures: Avolon Auditorium [Paul Finnegan (Mola)]; Sun Room [Elspeth Lee (Superposition)]; Delta Den [Sorcha Maguire]


TV/Visual Effects/Animations: The Tonight Show [David Phelan (Modevision)]; Let’s Find Out [David Phelan (Modevision)]
CG Animation/Animated Short Film: Wishing Well Music Video [Aileen Crossley]
Commercial Visual Effects/Animations: HARU Investor Pitch Animation [Mark Case (Whitenoise)]


Design for Print: World Cup DM [Cormac McCann (Epsilon)]; L/B/W: Boom! Album Cover [David Wall (WorkGroup)]; Paper Visual Art Journal [David Smith (Atelier)]; Concern Worldwide Annual Report [Red Dog]
Data Visualisation: Waterford Distillery: Whiskey Flavour Visualisation [John Gavin (TrueOutput)]; Translink Metro Wayfinding Belfast [ Mark Case (Whitenoise)]
Packaging: Other: The Nature of Things [Ciara Fitzgerald (So&So)]; Nunaia Beauty [Bridget Kerrigan (Bammedia)]
Illustration: Commercial: Java Republic [Steve Doogan]; Sive at the Gaiety Theatre [Steve Doogan]; King Koil Illustrations [Nik Dillon (Alkamee)]
Photography in Design: Town [Jamie Murphy (The Salvage Press)]
Video in Design: Stories by Eliza Grace launch film [Mark Case (Whitenoise)]; Simon Advocacy Campaign [(Red Dog)]
Brand Identity: Savvi Credit Union Brand Identity [Nik Dillon (Alkamee)]; King Koil [Nik Dillon (Alkamee)]; Swim Ireland Rebrand [Stephen Kiernan]
Printed Book Design: An Answer is Expected [Peter Maybury], Freespace – The Official Catalogue (La Biennale di Venezia) [David Smith (Atelier)]; Whitenoise Book 8: Are You Adult? [Mark Case (Whitenoise)]
Packaging: Food & Drink: Wallaroo [Steve Simpson]; Keogh's Popcorn [Sarah Maguire (True Story)]; Kingstown Dry Gin [Rory Dowling (Clickworks)] Mia Chocolate: Food with Thought, [Jamie Helly]
Illustration: Publishing: Alkamee Illustration [Nik Dillon (Alkamee)]; Day & Night: Rainforest Book [Paula McGloin]; Steeplechase [Alan Dunne]
Illustration: Personal: My Chronic Pain Diary [Ciara Chapman]; Monty Python Anniversary Show – Quest for the Holy Grail [Meagan Hyland]
Use of Typography in Design: Town [Jamie Murphy (The Salvage Press)]; Freespace – 16th International Architecture Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia) [David Smith (Atelier)]; Irish Writers Centre Postcards [Dara Ní Bheacáin]

Tickets for the gala prize-giving event at CHQ on 24th January will be available shortly on Eventbrite.