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The IDI Irish Design Awards 2017- changes, new dates, co-creation.

At the IDI, we are always looking for innovative approaches to design. So…we’re doing things a bit differently this year. Open for entries online from June 9th 2017 and Gala Awards Night on Sep 15th … The new timeline for our IDI Irish Design Awards 2017- everything is now far EARLIER this time- from June 9th Be prepared. We want you all to be a part of it!


For this year’s award gala, we have engaged Connect the Dots to help us ‘co-create’ the event with you.

Connect the Dots are event architects - they build events from the bottom up. To truly design the event for you, we will be designing the event with you.
How can we make the most of this one evening together per year, where the brightest and most interesting design minds are in one room? How can we together advance the value and impact of design?
We’ll be sending out a survey in the next weeks to start the co-creation process. We’re looking forward to reimagining what an awards event can be, together.