The IDI Irish Design Awards 2018. New DEADLINE 9th November 2018

This opened for entries on 15th September 2018. Our DEADLINE has been further EXTENDED to 9th November- See the details, timeline and categories our 2018 IDI Irish Design Awards here.

We are delighted to announce that the Awards this year will be run in partnership with The Gloss Magazine. This is the 20th anniversary of the Awards and we think this union of creative organisations will spawn a dazzling competition and event.

The 20th Awards competition features all the familiar categories in Visual Communications, Structures and Spaces, Product Design, Digital Design, Fashion & Textiles, TV & Film, and Education & Research.

We will also feature some new public choice awards categories in Best Shop Design, Best Hotel Design and Best Café Design award. 

 Entries Close: 19th October 2018





Please read these notes carefully - They apply to you too!

This is strictly an IDI Members’ competition, it’s for Full and Graduate IDI paid-up members ONLY. (With a few key exceptions and invited entrants/other invited members organisations only under special conditions!

If you are NOT listed as an IDI member - please contact IDI before entering. If a non-member enters, there is no refund!..
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This is NOT for Undergraduates!! and NOT for Designers graduating in 2018 

You MUST be an IDI member and must have graduated in 2017, 2016 or in any previous year.

All competition entries must be via the IDI online entry system only - Entrants need to register an account on The IDI Awards Website. Once your account is acknowledged you will be able to enter as many entries as you like as long as (i) you pay for them and (ii) they fit the category criteria and rules.

These awards are for IDI members only, so make sure the person who registers for the awards is an IDI member. We will NOT issue refunds for non-members, who try to enter.

All entries must be paid for in advance of judging at the time of entering via Paypal or CC. Unpaid entries will NOT be judged.

Work must have been completed between 01 August 2017 and 01 Sep 2018. This means it must have been launched, published, manufactured, constructed, developed or printed within that time-frame.

No conceptual work will be accepted. Completed projects only!

Work created for previous IDI awards cannot be entered again. This includes work where alterations have been made.

The IDI jury has the right to query if an entry is eligible for these awards. The IDI and Judges reserve the right to withdraw a category and refund the entries where judges feel there is not sufficient competition.

The judges’ decision is final. They reserve the right to not award in any category should they feel the work does not match the judging criteria or meet an exceptional standard.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding entries.

A project may be entered once in its appropriate category and also in any or all ‘free to enter categories’ as long as the entry fee is paid.

The Closing Date for 2018 entries is final.