The Institute of Designers in Ireland judges and presents design prizes each year in two cross-disciplinary classes:

1. The IDI Irish Design Awards and
2. The Graduate Design Awards

These are separate awards and both involve online applications, judging, two exhibitions and prize-giving ceremonies, where awards are presented across 30 or more design categories.

The Irish Design Awards has been running for almost 20 years – last year 2016 was the 18th running of our annual IDI Irish Design Awards, recognising, celebrating and promoting exemplary design vision, uncovering emerging talent and honouring outstanding achievement across all disciplines of Design in Ireland.

The IDI Irish Design Awards are only open to IDI full members (and not undergraduates) and run from August/September to November.

Last year we had 399 entries across. See Irish Design Awards for more information on the 2016 events and winners at the Marker Hotel on 17th Nov 2016. More on or Awards for 2017 later.

The IDI Graduate Design Awards are only open to all IDI Undergraduate Members and run from May/June when most students are finalizing their year end or final year projects. Last year, we had almost 300 entries from 18 design schools - The IDI Graduate Design Award winners were announced at a ceremony on Thurs Nov 10th 2016 at NCAD, Dublin. More details here. More on 2017 later.

If you are thinking of entering IDI Awards- make sure your IDI Membership is up to date


IDI is seeking to gauge general attitude and elicit specific feedback on IDI Irish Design Awards 2016- both as a process (entry and assessment) and as a series of enjoyable and worthwhile design events that aim to promote the best of Irish design. IDI would be most grateful for you to take a few minutes to complete this SHORT survey!!