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Marty Neumeier Brand Masterclass

06 & 07 May 2020

Marty Neumeier Brand Masterclass

Kick off your new mastery of brand with a deep dive into modern brand-building disciplines, definitions, and methods.

Marty Neumeier and Level C bring the branding revolution to Dublin.

Kick off your new mastery of brand with a deep dive into modern brand-building disciplines, definitions, and methods. Masterclass 1 is a two-day hands-on workshop designed to give you a clear view of the entire brand chessboard, and the fundamentals to navigate the shift from marketing to mattering.

Own the five key disciplines of DIFFERENTIATION, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, VALIDATION, and CULTIVATION by applying them in competitive hands-on exercises guided and critiqued by Marty Neumeier.

At the end of day two, you’ll take a 30-minute test to measure learning and mastery of content—pass the test, qualify for Masterclass 2, and earn the credential Certified Brand Specialist.

Join a growing global alumni network of next-level brand professionals from 30+ countries.

Seats will be limited for this one, so sign up now!

Event Details

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Early Bird: €899 (until February 4, 2020)
General Admission: €1,050 (February 5 to March 31, 2020)
At-the-Door: €1,325 (April 1 to May 4, 2020)
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Date and Time
Wed, May 6, 2020, 8:30 AM – Thu, May 7, 2020, 5:30 PM

Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 7

Who is this workshop for?

Creatives who want to be more strategic and Strategists who want to master brand frameworks.
Marketers who want to master brand management and Consultants who want to expand into branding.
Copywriters who want to master brand messaging. Project managers who want to keep projects “on brand.” HR professionals who want to influence brand culture.
Entrepreneurs who want to build a brand-driven organization. CMOs who want to evolve into CBOs. And CEOs who want to create a culture of nonstop innovation using the most powerful tool a business has: Brand.

What you'll learn

  • The definitions and meanings of brand language
  • How to bridge the gap between right-brain and left-brain thinking
  • How to navigate the shift between marketing and mattering
  • The most powerful ways to differentiate a brand
  • Techniques to create disruptive business models
  • Three models of brand collaboration
  • How to lead an agile brainstorm exclusively for brand
  • The elements for breakthrough brand naming, positioning, and identity-making
  • A simple definition and process for real design thinking
  • How to quick-test prototypes for brand elements
  • How to measure brand progress
  • The right way to choose, frame, and manage brand values
  • The secret to high-impact brand touchpoints

Marty Neumeier Brand Masterclass

Suggested pre-reading
THE BRAND GAP by Marty Neumeier

About Marty Neumeier

Marty Neumeier is an international author, designer, and brand adviser committed to bringing the principles and processes of design to business. His series of “whiteboard” books have changed the way brand has brought business forward, including ZAG, named one of the “Top Hundred Business Books of All Time” and THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY, a bestselling guide to nonstop innovation.

His first and seminal book, THE BRAND GAP, has been consumed more than 23 million times. Its sequel, THE BRAND FLIP, has powered brand-building in the age of social media and customer dominance. And his most recent book, SCRAMBLE, has redefined what a business book can be as it explores how to build a brand quickly with agile strategy.

Marty founded Critique magazine, the first journal about design thinking. He has worked closely with the world’s most innovative companies, including Apple, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, HP, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft to help advance their brands and cultures.

Today, he is the Director of CEO Branding for Liquid Agency in Silicon Valley, travels around the world as a workshop leader and speaker on the topics of design, brand and innovation, and most recently is co-founder and partner of Level C. Marty and his wife divide their time between California and France.

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