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The IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of Design, standing for the Irish Design community – We aim to make Design Matter. We welcome you to be a part of IDI

IDI is an inclusive community of designers - any Irish designer can apply to join IDI as an individual member.

  • We welcome - Undergraduates- any Design Student who is on a full-time degree level course in a 3rd level college.
  • Any recently graduated Design Graduate at degree level course from a 3rd level design college.
  • Any qualified designer from all design disciplines ( includes product, digital, UX, graphic, interiors, viz comm, architecture etc.)
  • All design academics or full-time practicing designers or design professional in all stages of their careers can apply to  join. 
  • IDI Full Membership is typically for 3rd level college graduates in design - but we do make some exceptions!

This is simply a straightforward application process for designers. You will qualify for IDI membership if your details satisfy the broad criteria above.


  • We will typically publish your name, your company name, your discipline and your email or website details.
  • Most of this data and information you provide will NOT be published publicly or passed on, and NONE at all, if you choose that option when you are applying.
  • Not all application fields are mandatory - but we will require sufficient information to process your application.
  • All data and information supplied in this application will remain confidential and subject to all current privacy regulation.


  • We use these subscriptions to fund the vital activities of the IDI, promoting the value of Irish Design.
  • You may pay also by monthly direct debit to help get maximum value for your membership of IDI and spreads the cost of your annual membership.
  • If you pay IDI and your membership application is unsuccessful- you will get a full refund.

What happens if my Employer or my College has already paid? - See the FAQ

For questions or feedback regarding the IDI Membership application process please get in touch at

Or simply see our Membership FAQ for much more detail on the categories etc..

Membership Form

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Application or Renewal?

Individual Membership

Please choose from the following individual membership types:

Full members must have qualified from a Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 design or design-related course, or have previously been a member of the IDI.
Graduate Members have graduated a Level 7 design course in the last three years.
Undergraduate Members are those currently enrolled in a Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 design or design-related programme.
For Irish design creatives based abroad with more than 3 years’ experience.
Non-Practicing Members are not currently working in design, but continue an association with the IDI.

Company Membership

Company membership is for design practices or design-related businesses who employee at least two designers. This Membership permits all qualified designers in your organisation Full Membership in their own right.

For companies and practices with up to 4 qualified designers.
For companies and practices with between 5 and 8 qualified designers.
For companies and practices with between 9 and 12 qualified designers.
For companies and practices with between 13 and 30 qualified designers.

College/University Membership

Third level colleges offering accredited design programmes may apply for membership for entire course programmes or educational departments. Staff and students may then avail of complimentary IDI Individual, Graduate or Undergraduate Membership.

For college and university programmes; no limit on number of qualified, graduate or undergraduate designers.