Membership FAQs

Get in touch with any queries about your IDI Membership.

Institute of Designers in Ireland is open to all qualified designers, design educators, and students enrolled in Level 7, 8, 9 and 10 design courses. The IDI has a growing subscriptions across a broad spectrum of professional practices from all over the country. Members are welcomed from a range of disciplines, and encouraged to seek contacts among their new peers to grow and develop professionally.

To qualify to be part of IDI, you must be either:

Currently enrolled in a Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 design course or design-related course (i.e. Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design etc.)
A graduate of a Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 design course or design-related course
A current IDI Member
A Fellow of the IDI

All applicants for Membership of the Institute shall be designers or working in design based in Ireland, and or be citizens of Ireland working in or studying design but based outside of the island of Ireland.

See below route to membership for self-educated designers

What are the types of subscription is available?

Individual membership and affiliation

Individual membership of the IDI is open year-round to all qualified designers. We also represent students of design courses enrolled in Level 7 courses and upward, design educators and professional designers. See a list of qualifying design courses here.

Company Subscription

In 2015, we have introduced a special group price. If you would like all your practice’s designers registered as full individual IDI Members in their own right, a group saving will work out a lot cheaper. Our special Company option is open to larger practices and represents especially good value. Design organisations with upwards of 15 designers who are interested in registration with the IDI are encouraged to contact us at to find out more about what collective membership can do for you and your team.

College/University Subscription

The Institute of Designers in Ireland has, since its inception in 1972, valued and supported design education in fostering the next wave of creative talent. We were asked by lecturers and students to come up with a programme to allow a whole design faculty to become reap the benefits of IDI Membership.

From 2015, colleges and institutes of design can apply for College/University Membership, where each of its design lecturers and design students can access the full benefits of individual or student affiliation and become listed as a creative professional in our online directory, attend IDI lectures and events, submit work to the IDI awards, and so on. College/University Subscription represents excellent perennial value for an annual payment, and design colleges and their programmes will benefit from the reputation of the fully-fledged creative professionals who enjoy the IDI’s community benefits.

The 2017 IDI Subscription fees are as follows:

  • IDI Full Member MIDI €150
  • Graduate GIDI €50
  • Undergraduate  UIDI €20
  • Overseas €50
  • Non-practising €50
  • Company Subscription (Small) €500
  • Company Subscription (Medium) €975
  • Company Subscription (Large) €1200
  • Company Full Subscription €1500
  • College/University Full Subscription €1000

IDI Membership Application Form

All Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December each year. Unless you pay by Direct Debit and it rolls on!

All IDI Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December each year. Members are encouraged to join or renew in January to get the full benefit of membership throughout the year.

Complete the membership application form and include your company's unique code in the field provided. You will not have to pay additional Membership fees. This code is available from your employer.

If you are an employee or part of an organisation, you simply apply to join as an INDIVIDUAL and use the appropriate payment code (this code is available from your employer) - you then have automatic membership.

Where a College/University has IDI Membership each of its design lecturers and design students can join as an individual member or affiliated studentand do not have to pay additional membership fees.  You will need to complete your own individual application for membership, but there is no extra charge. Simply add your unique membership code in the field provided in the membership application form. This code is available from your faculty administrator.

You are not an individual IDI Member or IDI Affiliate unless you apply and are accepted!

If you are a student at a college, you just apply to join as an INDIVIDUAL and use the appropriate payment code - you then have automatic membership.

We recognise that there are many self-educated designers who took an applied route to practice. If you fall into this category of designer and are currently practicing professionally - though perhaps not necessarily meeting other criteria normally asked of IDI Members - we are still happy to hear from you. Complete the membership application form and email us a Dropbox link to six pieces of practice work, with an explanation of the design intent and constraints of each.

We ask for  a statement from the designer about their education, practice and experience and 6 pieces of work. Each applicant will need to write an A4 page on why you think you should be accepted as a member of the IDI. This letter should include a little about the design competencies you believe you have learned, how you deal with clients, how you agree fees and deal with a potentilly unhappy client. Also include where you feel you want to be as a designer in 10 years and if you feel you need to improve your training. Please let us know how you fell being a member of the IDI would help you.

Please also include a CV and a link to your website or online portfolio, and a cover page giving some explanation of your route to design practice.

For any questions about applying to the IDI from an applied career background, please contact