The Register of Irish Designers is an initiative set up by the Institute Designers Ireland and acknowledges the professional level of design education, practice, advocacy, research and achievements that exists within the design community in Ireland.

The term ‘Registered Designer’ will be a mark of quality assurance for the design industry, to its clients and the public as a whole that they adhere to the highest international design professional and ethical standards. The register will not represent or control the term ‘designer’, but does control the use of the term ‘Registered Designer’.

Initially, the register will be non- statutory voluntary,  which means there is no requirement for it in legislation as there is for other creative professionals, such as architects or engineers. However, it is hoped that in the future, and with the support of the design community, the Institute Designers Ireland will seek to establish the Register on a statutory level.

The Register is open to design graduates, architectural designers, design practitioners and design educators working on the island of Ireland and Irish born or naturalized designers working internationally.

Members of the Institute Designers Ireland are part of a large community of professionals across a wide range of creative design disciplines who share values and expertise to promote and advocate for Irish design. Its key aims are to encourage a universal standard of professional design practice and to promote opportunities for members’ professional development and career advancement through its CPD programmes.

There is an online application form available on the Institute Designers Ireland website. The form is based on the key metrics of design education, teaching and professional practice metrics. And will give quantitative weighted values to areas such as design education, design practice, teaching experience, awards, professional achievements, design advocacy and thought leadership. On completion, the form will give the applicant a preliminary score for achieving the level of Registered Designer. The application process also indicates what level of IDI membership an applicant would attain: Undergraduate, MIDI Registered Associate Designer, Senior Designer and Fellow of the IDI. Thereby creating a ladder of achievement for IDI members using the same matrix. Those who achieve the level of Registered Designer and Fellow of the IDI can avail of special offers and events hosted by the IDI.

A CV will also be required for application as part of the verification process. If the case of a self-taught designer, it will involve the submission of 6 pieces, a written statement and an interview.

Once the form has been completed, the applicant must agree to the Institute Designers Ireland Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. The application will then be sent to the Registration Committee to be verified.

Once the application has been sent to the Registration Committee for review - which will take 4-6 weeks - you will be emailed the results. If successful, you will be sent your registered details (registration number, logo and certificate) once the annual fee has been paid. If accepted to the Register, the information provided on application will be published on the IDI’s website.

During the process the Registration Council may contact you to query or verify information provided which may have affect your overall score, and reserved the right to amend the preliminary scoring on assessment.

Once the Registration Council have reviewed and the application is completed, the results will be posted on the IDI’s website (excluding contact details) for reasons of transparency.

Below are the points needed to become a Registered Designer, point are gained for professional competencies through education, training and professional experience. Download the CPD points allocation (pdf)

Registered Designer               25
Senior Registered Designer    60
Fellow                                      85

Points are awarded for professional competencies gained through education, training and professional experience. Download the Registered Design Points System (pdf)

The IDI will be running a number of practice related CPD skills-based programmes which have structured assessment points. Un-structured CPD points can be achieved through involvement at design events, workshop or seminars that are recognised by the Registration Committee. Accredited structured and unstructured points will be made available online. Events can apply to the Registration Committee for accreditation (non-exhaustive process).

CPD points are allocated on the basis of one point for every hour of involvement for both formal and informal activities. The accepted minimum commitment from registered designer is 20 points per annum (at least 10 formal) in a minimum of two competency units. (Competency guidelines for each discipline will be available soon)
Download the CPD points allocation (pdf)

There will a yearly registration fee of €150. IDI members will receive an annual discount of 50% on the annual registration

The IDI will continue to maintain the current membership structure: Student IDI, Member IDI etc. and offer the same benefits to members.

However, from 2015, all professional designers will have the option to become a Registered Designer. The IDI will recognise and clearly distinguish the registered and non-registered designer status in all promotional activity. As with ordinary membership, the Registered Designers will have to update their membership each year and will be provided with a certificate, registration number and logo to use on all design collateral. The registered designer will be able to use the professional term ‘Registered Designer, MIDI’ as opposed to the current member ‘MIDI’ term.

Registered Designer status is also open members of other recognised national design bodies who are non-members of the IDI. The IDI, as the largest representative body of Professional Designers in Ireland, have set up and administer the registration process. However, the IDI welcome collaborations with other professional design bodies with the membership process to make the Registered Designer title stronger and more valued within the design and client communites.

The Institute Designers Ireland Code of Conduct aims to promote and advise a standard of professional behaviour for the benefit of Members and Registered Designers of the Institute Designers Ireland and of their employers. All Registered Designers are expected to comply with the Code, whether they are working on their own; are principals in a private practice; employing either IDI Member or non-Member staff; are employed by a Member or non-member in private practice; are employed in industry, commerce or the public sector; or are a Registered Designer and non-member of the IDI.