Terms and Conditions

Design professionals themselves, by signing up to the Register, will give the Registration Committee authority to regulate their practice (professional work) in accordance with the Registered Designer Code of Conduct and must meet minimum requirement of continuing professional development. In other words, there will be a contract between the IDI operated Registration Council who maintain the Register, and Registered Designer to adhere to their Guide to Professional Conduct and CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

The register will be controlled by the Registration Committee, which is made up of senior Irish Designers and or Council Members of the Institute. The Registration committee is initially operated by the IDI but members of other design organizations will be invited to participate.

Infringement of the code of conduct can result in a removal from the register without refund. Annually, the registered designer will have to fill in a CPD form to meet the annual points requirement. The points requirement will be set out in a Registered Designer CPD requirements (year) and will be moderated from year to year. 

Initially the information will be cross-checked against your CV or Linkedin profile and once registered the information will be made public online as part of your profile. If it comes to light that there is deliberate effort to deceive post registration, the designer will be removed from the register and will forfeit their registration fee. A re-application to the register will not be accepted for 5 years thereafter.