Member Benefits

The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the only professional body that represents and supports the needs of all kinds of qualified designers in Ireland. Since 1972, we have promoted design with a view to supporting and developing the industry to create jobs and maintain quality standards.

As a member of IDI there are great general benefits including access to IDI Awards and to significantly discounted training via Design Enterprise Skillnet

Designers also enjoy the benefit of IDI's reputation as a professional, inclusive designer-focused community committed to advancing the value and impact of design.

Benefits of IDI membership include:

  • Exclusive right to the title 'Member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland' (MIDI / GIDI / UIDI)
  • The right of use of the IDI Member - Proud Member Badge
  • Being part of an active designer-focused community committed to advancing the value and impact of design
  • Substantial training discounts on designer-focused CPD courses via Design Enterprise Skillnet
  • All IDI members are automatically members of the Design Enterprise Skillnet
  • The opportunity to apply to the Register of Professional Designers in Ireland
  • Access to senior designers and practice leaders within the IDI Membership
  • Access to IDI run mentoring and professional development opportunities
  • Opportunity to enter the annual IDI Irish Design Awards or Graduate Design Awards
  • Invitations to attend IDI seminars, exhibitions, lectures and discussions
  • The right to display and present a certificate of IDI Membership
  • Listing in the online IDI Directory
  • Access to IDI resources, training materials and guidance
  • Access to IDI recommended professional services
  • Access to job listings and internship opportunities
  • The IDI Code of Professional Conduct
  • Access to Research publications


What will it cost?

For all recent Graduates just €50 for that whole year you take out membership- for all designers graduated three years or less.

If you are fulltime designer - it's just €197 to avail of all benefits, become an inetgral part of IDI design community and avail of relevant and heavily discounted training.

Here is a list of few core things that IDI does:

  • Represent you, as a designer, protecting your career and your future income
  • Offers relevent, high quality, affordable training for members through Design Enterprise Skillnet
  • Represent the design community at a government level
  • Lobby for legislative action supporting job creation, training and education for design
  • Promote excellence in design through the annual Irish Design and Graduate Design Awards
  • Support the publication of Iterations, Ireland’s only Design Research Journal and Practice review 
  • Promote gender balance and gender pay equality in the design industry through Why Design?
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to run national design events
  • Provide access to key design research publications in collaboration with the UK Design Council
  • Link industry to education, graduates and future research. 
  • Collaborate with members on EU research in the Design sphere. 
  • Manage the Registered Designer in Ireland process and lobby for Chartered designer
  • Help promote and run design talks and conferences. 
  • Organise events like IDI Design Social and Bread and Butter
  • Advertise job opportunities in design
  • Partner with other key stakeholders including CEUD in promoting Design For All.


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