Membership FAQs

You qualify for IDI membership if your details satisfy the broad criteria below. If you are unsure if you qualify for membership please refer to the Membership FAQs below or contact

Who can become a member of the IDI?

  • Any qualified designer from all design disciplines (including product, digital, UX, visual communications, interior design, motion graphics, architecture, fashion.)

  • All design academics or full-time practicing designers or design professionals in all stages of their careers can apply to join.

  • We welcome undergraduates who are studying any full-time design or design-related degree-level course.

  • Any recently qualified designers who have graduated at degree-level course.​

Institute of Designers in Ireland is open to all qualified designers, design educators, and design students enrolled in a design degree course (Levels 7, 8, 9 and 10)

The IDI has a growing number of subscriptions across a broad spectrum of professional practices from all over the country. Members are welcomed from a range of design disciplines, and encouraged to make contact with their peers to help them grow and develop professionally.

To qualify to be an IDI member, you must be either:

Currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree (Level 7, 8, 9 or 10) design course or design-related course (i.e. Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design etc. BA, BDes, MA MArch etc.)
A graduate with a design degree of a Level 7, 8, 9 or 10 design course or design-related course
A current IDI Member
A Fellow of the IDI

All members shall be designers or working in design in Ireland, and or be citizens of Ireland working in or studying design outside of the island of Ireland.

See below route to membership for self-educated designers.

We also have Non-Practising Membership. These members are typically retired designers or those who worked in design previously. This does not apply to part-time designers or people simply with an interest in design.

What types of subscription are available?

Individual membership
Individual membership of the IDI is open to all qualified designers. We also represent students of design enrolled in Level 7 courses and upward as well as design educators. For studente, please see a list of qualifying design courses here.

Company Subscription
In 2015 IDI introduced a special group subscription price for design organisations with upwards of 15 designers, enabling their designers to register as IDI Members at a reduced rate. This Company Subscription represents excellent value and is a super perk for your team members. 

College/University Subscription
Since its inception in 1971, The Institute of Designers in Ireland has always valued and supported design education in fostering the next wave of creative talent. We therefore offer a Membership Subscription which allows a whole design faculty to reap the benefits of IDI Membership; each of its design lecturers and design students can access the full benefits of individual or student affiliation. This includes being listed as a creative professional in our online directory, attend IDI lectures and events, submit work to the IDI awards, and so on. College/University Subscription represents excellent ongoing value and enables staff and students to benefit from meeting other creative professionals within the IDI.

IDI Membership Application Form 

Please have a credit card ready to pay your fee or have your company/college's Membership Code to hand when you make your application.

IDI Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December.

IDI Membership runs from 1st January – 31st December each year. Members are encouraged to join or renew in January to get the full benefit of membership for the year. If you join mid-year, your membership expires on 31 December of that year.

Yes.  Please clearly mark your name with your payment and ensure you pay the correct fee for Membership category.

Sort Code: 931047
Account number: 74823007
IBAN: IE91 AIBK 9310 4774 8230 07

Complete the membership application form and include your company's unique code in the field provided. You will not have to pay additional Membership fees. This code is available from your employer.

College/University IDI Membership entitles the College's design lecturers and design students to join IDI as an individual or student member without paying additional membership fees.  Lecturers and students still need to complete applications for membership, but there is no charge. Simply add your college's membership code in the field provided in the membership application form. This code is available from your faculty administrator. If you apply with a code- Membership is given if you use a code.

No. Even if your college is a member, you must apply, via the website as an Individual.

Please apply and use the member code provided by your employer.

If you apply with a code- Membership is given and free if you use a proper code.


This applies to students and lecturers associated with Colleges who have already paid Institutional Membership and staff of Companies who have already paid Company Membership. If this is you, you must still make an application to be an individual member, using a code provided by your college or employer.

You must always apply as an Individual Member (e.g. Undergraduate, Graduate, Full Member)
You must use the appropriate and current Membership code from your employer or college. 
You can ignore any any payment request - once you complete the form with the proper Membership code
Once your application has been received and approved, you will be contacted by IDI to confirm your membership.

Note: If you apply with a code- Membership is automatically granted.

We recognise that there are many self-educated designers who took an applied route to practice. If you fall into this category of designer and are currently practicing professionally - though perhaps not necessarily meeting other criteria normally asked of IDI Members - we are still happy to hear from you. Please complete the membership application form and email us a Dropbox link to six pieces of practice work, with an explanation of the design intent and constraints of each.

We also require a statement about your education, practice and experience. Please provide a covering letter on why you think you should be accepted as a member of the IDI. This letter should include a little about the design competencies you have learned, how you deal with clients, how you set your fees and deal with unhappy clients. Please also provide some insight into your goals as a designer and tell us if you feel you need to improve your training. Please let us know how you feel membership of the IDI would help you.

Please also include a CV and a link to your website or online portfolio.

For any questions about applying to the IDI from an applied career background, please contact

We are delighted to receive new applications for membership of the IDI. We review all applications closely and let applicants know promptly if their application is successful. It is also important to pay the appropriate fee upon application.

IDI Membership applications will not be accepted without the accompanying fee.  If your employer or college has already paid the fee, you must put their Membership code in the relevant box on the application form. 

IDI Members are entitled to apply for IDI Membership Badges which can be used on your website or other marketing collateral.  We also have paper certificates of IDI Membership. Please get in touch with the IDI Office if you require one - we will arrange to post one out to you. 

IMPORTANT: If you are a student and wish to enter the Graduate Awards 2019

  • Please apply to join IDI as an Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Please pay for your membership or use an appropriate membership code (available from your college, if it is a member)
  • If there is a problem with your membership application, we will be in touch

If you have a problem applying for membership but wish to apply for the Graduate Awards, please contact Denis at