About the IDI

The IDI is a membership association of Irish designers who promote and advocate for Irish design. We are committed to advancing the value and impact of design. As a member of the IDI, you are a part of a design community with shared values and a combined energy. Join IDI and make design matter.

Who we are

The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the largest and oldest association of Irish design professionals, and longest established creative forum in Ireland. IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of design - inspiring, supporting and learning from one another along the way.

The Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) was established in 1972 to lead design in Ireland, by associating in a single professional institute as the recognised national, EU and international association and representative body for qualified and qualifying designers in Ireland.

We organise on local and national levels to promote and advocate for Irish design.The IDI represents and supports creativity within a wide range of disciplines across a wide spectrum of Irish design.

The IDI is a professional membership organisation, administrated by a board and an elected council of its members. Since January 2017, IDI is a CLG, a fully incorporated company limited by guarantee, a non-profit entity, led by an executive board of directors, monitored and steered by a guardianship council, directed by its members.


Institute of Designers in Ireland


2 Dublin Landings,

North Dock,


D01 V4A3


Email: info@idi-design.ie


If you deem that an IDI member has appeared to have breached the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct, please bring this matter to our attention by email. This will be investigated and dealt with in a confidential matter by the Membership Committee of the IDI, appropriate action will follow.  


The IDI Constitution

Our IDI constitution sets out Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of IDI. The purpose of the organisation: why IDI exists, the objectives, what it intends to achieve. It outlines the structures and main procedures of decision-making in the organisation: the powers and functions, how IDI is governed and how decisions are made

SEE IDI Constitution Dec 2021


IDI's Data Privacy Policy.


This guidance provides guidelines on the ethics of using social media, and some issues to think about.
It is not intended as a comprehensive guide to Social Media, it is just a re-stating of the intention of the IDI Code of Conduct

Download the Guide for Members


Currently our membership includes designers working in:

Design Education
Design Management
Digital & Interactive Design
Fashion & Textile Design
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Exhibition, Set Design
Motion Graphics & Animation
Visual Communications
Product / Industrial / Furniture / Craft
Service Design


The IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of design both locally and nationally, and working to inspire, support and learn from each other.

IDI's main aims involve:

- Consolidating Design: to present and represent the professional design community in liaison with the general public, clients, statutory bodies and other aligned organisations.

- Moderating Design: To encourage the recognition, elevation, evolution and advancement of all aspects and features of quality design in Ireland, for the benefit of the professions, industry, commerce and the wider community;

- Elevating Design: to promote and facilitate the acquirement of the knowledge of the various arts, sciences and skills in design

- Evolving Design: to be a centre of excellence for the advancement of education, information, advice and support in all matters related to design.

We create platforms and spaces for discussion and action. We lobby and demonstrate. We locate and promote opportunities for members’ professional development and career advancement. We work to encourage a universal standard of professional design practice.

The IDI also awards the country’s most prestigious and longest-standing annual design awards, which are open to entries from graduate and professional members alike.

Why join?

As a member of the IDI, you are part of a community of professionals sharing values and using our combined faculties to promote, activate and advocate for Irish design.

As an active design community, we share expertise and advice and via our Design Enterprise CPD and training we equip our members to manage the business of design effectively.

The IDI Member Database connects you with clients looking for the best that Irish design has to offer.

Members are also invited to enter work for consideration to the IDI Irish Design Awards - the most prestigious and longest-running annual design prize in Ireland, and an opportunity to be judged at an international standard.

Image: Dacha Drinks, Brand New Creative – Winner IDI Awards 2021, Packaging: Food and Drink