Get Involved

Get involved with an IDI Council, be part of a working group, or work with us to set up your own. We're here to help.

The IDI is open and welcoming. As a not-for profit, we are governed and run by our members. Our strength lies in our members' creative ideas, energy and willingness to engage with and run the organisation to the betterment of the Irish design community. As a member, you can propose and run an event or simply raise an issue that’s important to you.

Whether you have an idea for a series of lectures, a site visit, a workshop or seminar, or you just have some free time in which you'd like to help out at events already in the IDI calendar, please get in touch with IDI directly at

The creative willpower of IDI Members is what makes the Institute's work possible and supports its aim to make design matter. That spirit of involvement has been shown in a willingness of so many positive people over the years to make their own contributions and to best serve the interests of the wider design community.

Because of this track record of involvement, IDI is a completely open organization, driven for almost 50 years from the volunteer spirit of our great design industry.

Please get involved.