Design Summer Sessions

Design Summer Sessions

The Design Summer Sessions is a three-day festival of learning and creativity, with interactive workshops, forums and webinar sessions for creative minds to:

  • Re-energise, connect and share with each other
  • Reboot their creative thinking, practice and business skills
  • Explore the different areas and fields of design
  • Hear from leading Irish and international designers and subject-matter experts in a range of matters relating to design.

It will provide designers from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their careers with the opportunity to get inspired, upskill or learn about the latest design trends, programmes and initiatives and build industry connections.


Share & Learn Sessions

In these insightful and interactive Share & Learn sessions, you will learn from multidisciplinary Designers, peers and subject-matter experts sharing professional skills, tips and tricks in a range of matters relating to design. The sessions are a mix of inspiring webinars showcasing case studies and hands-on workshops to expand your creative skills and go from Zero to Hero, guided by subject-matters experts and leading design professionals.

Creative Circles

Hear from fellow designers working in Service Design and Typography who will share useful insights into their design world.

Peer Peeks

Take a peek at some of your Design Peers. Leading creative minds share their professional stories and food for thought on UX Design and Illustration.


Design Summer Sessions – Schedule

Click on the events below to book your events, all events are free for IDI Members.