FLOW: New Career Pathways Tool

FLOW: New Career Pathways Tool

Visit FLOW - IDI's and Design Skillnet's interactive skills, competency framework and career development tool now to facilitate your professional development and to guide you through your design journey and take your career to the next level.

Make your career flow with our new interactive competency skills and ​​career development tool: FLOW - Career PathwaysFLOW is an interactive skills, competency framework and career development tool designed by the IDI and Design Skillnet, specifically for designers and those managing and leading designers and design teams (including employers, collaborators or business partners) to engage and plan career development, together. 

It was created by Design Skillnet and the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) to help designers and managers to:

  • help them understand the expectations of different roles and career stages,
  • provide them with a standardised language and tools to engage in effective and productive discussions around career growth,
  • support design professionals' career development with the skills, tools and knowledge to make significant contributions to their teams and organisations.


For employers or design managers, it will:

  • Simplify team assessments and development plans.
  • Establish an industry-wide framework for assessing and nurturing design teams.
  • Provide a common language for annual reviews.


For designers, it will:

  • Clarify career levels and skill sets required to plan your next challenge.
  • Provide a common language for productive annual reviews.
  • See the many pathways open to you and hear how others have managed.


The FLOW site – – developed by the Friday Agency, was launched at The Dublin Chamber of Commerce, on Wednesday, December 14 by Design Skillnet in partnership with the Institute of Designers in Ireland.

It allows different disciplines within design to plot their career path; providing information on the different stages that a career journey can take; the various levels which can be reached within that discipline; advice and information on the steps needed to get there; links to courses to facilitate upskilling and training; interviews with designers such as Greg Osbourne (We Can Imagine) and Michelle Mulvey (Each&Other), on their career progressions; a glossary of design terms; and other facilities to allow designers plan and progress their career and to encourage employers to retain and support talent.

You can read more about the launch of FLOW.

FLOW is a real opportunity to influence and elevate the role of design and the evolution of the design industry across Ireland.

Visit FLOW now to facilitate your professional development and to guide you through your design journey and take your career to the next level.