IDI To Support a New Initiative for Teachers’ Design CPD: DesignCIRCLE

IDI To Support a New Initiative for Teachers’ Design CPD: DesignCIRCLE

IDI is delighted to announce that we are supporting the Junior Cycle Teachers (JCT) and Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) to deliver DesignCIRCLE, an opportunity for designers to work with post-primary teachers to share their knowledge of design processes to apply in their working practices. 


The aim of this initiative is to provide a safe, supportive, and experiential space for post-primary teachers to further develop their own design processes. Each designer will be assigned a group of up to 5/6 teachers. Based on a given theme, the designer will facilitate the group through a design project. Designers undertake the design project alongside the teachers, highlighting their working practices and design processes, sharing sketchbooks and experimentations, encouraging the teachers to further develop their own practice through any medium. Therefore this is open to designers of all design disciplines. 


The focus of the project should not be a finished piece; the core focus is front end design processes:


  •  exploring a theme or stimulus
  •  documenting ideas and explorations through observational drawing/sketching -physical or digital 
  •  experimenting and developing ideas and designs through sampling and prototyping
  •  encouraging sharing and discussion amongst the group about their designs


Please note: high speed broadband access is needed. 


There is a fee for participation in the project, with a breakdown of hours and timings below: 


  • Prep and planning: €300
  • 1 Design introduction session, up to 2hrs: €100
  • 1 Planning event, up to 2 hrs: €100
  • 5 Sessions/workshops with teachers: €250
  • 1 Midpoint check in, 1 hr: €50
  • 1 Reflection event, up to 3hrs: €150
  • Materials: €50
  • Total fee: €1,000


Key Dates to be announced soon! 


If you are successful, we will be in touch to allocate groups and organise an introduction session. If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing