IDI’s 49th AGM

IDI’s 49th AGM

IDI’s 49th Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 15th November, and we were pleased to report on a very positive year. Operationally IDI has strengthened considerably, and the level of output remains consistently high across both the IDI and the Design Skillnet. 

The AGM began with an address by President Dominic Southgate, and thanks to the board of directors for their efforts in the past year. The IDI accounts were presented and are in good order, and are available for review by members on request, by emailing

CEO Charlotte Barker reported that operationally IDI has strengthened considerably, and undertook a snapshot of key projects. Thanks to new relationships with government agencies, sponsors and partners, we’ve delivered many successful projects against the strategic goals of the IDI. 

A full review of the year’s accomplishments will be available on our website soon. 

Incoming board Directors Dr Kevin Dowd and John Lynch were officially ratified, as well as new President, Mary Doherty. Sincere thanks were offered to Kim McKenzie-Doyle who steps off the board after completing a 7 year term.

IDI new President Mary Doherty, outgoing board director Kim Mackenzie-Doyle, CEO Charlotte Barker and outgoing President Dominic Southgate at the IDI Awards 2022

Mary Doherty outlined the priorities for her presidency, including:

  • Review of the IDI brand, to support the value proposition work currently underway by the board
  • Funding of a new digital platform for IDI that functions effectively to support IDI activities 
  • Closer engagement with members, to enhance the IDI’s growth 
  • Building a robust board and steering groups / councils, and engaging more people in the activities of the IDI

Read more about new IDI President Mary Doherty, and IDI board John Lynch and Dr Kevin Dowd.