Join us at GASP!

Join us at GASP!

Join us at GASP! The Business of Digital Storytelling Creative Industry Conference in Limerick city 30th—31st March 2023.

IDI is delighted to partner with member agency Piquant, to host GASP! The Business of Digital Storytelling Creative Industry Conference in Limerick city 30th—31st March 2023.

Storytelling is fundamental to the human condition. What tools do we need to safeguard the storytelling of the future?

This curated in-person event includes speakers, panel talks, and presentations on Thursday 30th March, followed by a Salon du Chat conversation installation, supported by IDI on Friday 31st March.

On Thursday 30th March, our training arm, Design Skillnet will take part in a panel discussion on "Scaling Up in the Creative Industry; How to Tell Your Business Story", which will be hosted by business & leadership coach Jeannette Naughton of Prospero Coaching, who delivers Design Skillnet's Designs on Growth programme, who will discuss the topic with Celine Dee Founder and Director at RichardsDee and Niamh O'Shaughnessy, Network Manager of Design Skillnet.

The panel will delve into the challenges of growing a creative business and share strategies for effectively telling unique business stories, managing growth and sustaining teams.

Come and chat with us about the opportunities IDI and Design Skillnet has to offer at the Drinks Reception on Thursday evening at 6pm, following the Conference.

The Salon du Chat will take place on Friday 31st March from 10:30am to 12:00pm, where design students get the opportunity to network with creative industry professionals such our CEO Charlotte Barker while exploring thought-provoking conversation topics.

The conference is suitable for creative professionals across the industries of design, media production, communications, web development, marketing and digitisation. The Salon du Chat is designed for students enrolled in creative programmes and courses.

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