Researcher Wanted!

Researcher Wanted!

We have an exciting new initiative in the planning stages that will break new ground in providing more visibility of and access to design careers, while deepening understanding of creativity for use in wider industry.

We are looking for an experienced researcher to work with IDI and The B!G Idea on a project basis who can undertake a feasibility study and help bring this to light. 


The B!G Idea transition year programme piloted in 2021 demonstrated clearly the effectiveness of engaging young people early on in considering the role of creative thinking in solving the world’s biggest problems. The Creative Foundation Programme  would ensure that the engagement levels of new cohorts of young people - from diverse backgrounds - that are considering a creative future are harnessed. 

This could be a transformative approach to early careers, driving inclusion and opening up valid job opportunities to build a creatively empowered workforce of the future. As the project is driven by IDI, it ensures links to industry partners that will be established from the outset, and this first pilot will be an opportunity to validate industry interest and support. 


The trial of a Creative Foundation Programme is designed to provide students with a pathway from Senior Cycle into an undergraduate degree programme or potential apprenticeship into the creative sector or beyond. It is specifically intended to be a foundation programme that will help students to bridge the gap between their school qualifications and the demands of a university degree or a creative apprenticeship.

The target profile of students would include those that did not feel ‘that they were creative’ and had (but not limited to) experience or awareness of The B!G Idea Programme.The programme would be open to students who feel that they are creative but unsure of the creative discipline they would prefer to specialise in. The programme would also openly welcome students that display potential in subjects that were not typically considered creative.

True to the ethos of The B!G Idea programme the creative pathway will bridge the gap between industry and education. Industry and academic contributors will be invited to support students through their learning journey. With multifaceted examples of experiences in the creative industries and examples of creative impact interwoven through the Creative Foundation Year.    

The Creative Foundation Year  will enable students to develop in-demand critical skills as well as tap into their creative potential, giving young adults the confidence to develop the skills that would enable them to progress and create the places and spaces, products and services of the future.

Students who complete the programme successfully will be able to progress easily into the first year of their chosen degree programme or take up a creative-led apprenticeship programme. The programme will help students to develop their subject knowledge while providing a firm foundation in creative skills.

We will explore the opportunity to link in with existing courses, and research the viability to bolster post- leaving cert courses that have a commitment to 80 hours of work experience, allowing us to develop an evaluation criteria.  

You will:

Prepare and conduct qualitative research with educational partners, industry partners and students

Undertake desk research to ensure a thorough understanding of the need driving the initiative

Work with The B!G Idea to develop an impact and assessment framework to measure sentiment and student impact

Present findings to the IDI / The B!G Idea working group with a set of recommendations for foundation year programme design

Drive the project forward, maintaining timelines and budget management

Create reports and presentations to document the process 

You have:

A minimum of 3 to 5 years of qualitative research experience with a proven ability to scope research, lead fieldwork, conduct interviews, perform desk research, lead synthesis and communicate findings to stakeholders

Ability to analyse research findings, identifying insights that will inform the design of the foundation programme

Exceptional communication skills, with the ability to conduct research with young people as well as c-suite executives

Ability to work flexibly and efficiently, exercising a balance between research rigor and speed

Creative Industry knowledge and experience is a bonus but not essential


Phase 1 of the project to be completed by December 31st 2021, with potential extension of contract based on achieving agreed outcomes.

Apply before October 31st, email