The IDI Graduate Design Awards 2020 - Winners!

The IDI Graduate Design Awards 2020 - Winners!

The IDI Graduate Awards Zoom event was held on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

The best of the 2020 design graduates were announced on Thursday 3rd December at the IDI Graduate Design Awards, signposting a bright future ahead for Ireland's talented graduates. 


With almost 600 entries, 111 were shortlisted as judged by a panel of 36 design professionals and academics in Ireland. The awards are a proven springboard to establishing exemplary careers in design, as well as to winning further awards both nationally and internationally. 

Andrew Burns of IADT was awarded the Grand Prix for the very high quality of his entries in a number of categories, including his category winning project 'Queer Patriotism: Alternative Miss Ireland 1987-2012'.

Other prizes went to Aoife Taaffe of CIT for (Social Steps) in Universal Design and the awards for Design for Change went jointly to Jessica Keller, UL (Degrees of Repurposing Architecture) and to NCAD's Keith Fitzsimons, Alex Hennessy, Róisin Maher and Joe Fahy (Seafloor), which also won the Sustainable Design category.

See the full video of the prize announcements here:


Congratulations to all the incredible candidates who beat off the competition to make it to the final, and to all who won awards. 



The Grand Prix Winner :   Andrew Burns    IADT   



Winner         Dermott Burns, Aimee Kirkham Priester, Ulster University - Forest

Commended    Gunjan Dere, LSAD - Yourself


Winner        Jessica Keller, UL - Degrees of Repurposing Architecture

Commended    David Roe, CCAE - Re-Presenting Lost Topoi

Fashion Design            

Winner        Bethaney Woolley, Griffith College - 'Blind Spot' A/W '21

Commended    Muireann O'Riordan, LSAD - LET THEM EAT CAKE

Commended    Aaron McGouran, NCAD - In Ainm An Athair - In The Name of The Father

Design Research            

Winner        Andrew Burns, IADT - Queer Patriotism: Alternative Miss Ireland 1987-2012

Commended    Maria Dolera Perez, CIT - Acoustic Strategies for Music and Speech in a Multipurpose Hall

Commended    Hannah Scott, TUD - Sound and Vision: A critical exploration of the integration and impact of design and music in album covers.

Commended    Grace Hickey, IADT - Homonationalism and Pinkwashing: The Rebranding of Israel (2010–2019)

Interaction Design            

Winner        Pacifico Borza, NCAD - Faro

Commended    Diarmuid Farrell, NCAD - Woven Chats

Commended    Pearse O'Neill, Ulster - Plantra App

Exhibition Design/Visual Merchandising            

Winner        Súlán Ó Muirgheasa, NCAD - Guerilla Gaeltacht

Fashion & Textiles: Textiles            

Winner        Sarah Flynn, NCAD - Colourfully Conscious

Interior Design / Interior Architecture            

Winner        Jasmine Lee, IT Sligo - A Hymn to Freedom & Rebellion

Design for Sustainability            

Winner        Keith Fitzsimons, Alex Hennessy, Roisin Maher, Joe Fahy, NCAD - Seafloor

Commended    Niamh Damery,UL - Econooc

Product Design - Furniture Design            

Winner        Stuart Allen, Ulster University - DR Distinct

Commended    Gerry Murray, GMIT - 352 Lounge Chair

Handmade Products and Artifacts            

Winner        Sanaa El Habbash, NCAD - Empty Pockets

Commended    Keith Fitzsimons, Alex Hennessy, Roisin Maher, Joe Fahy, NCAD - Seafloor

Commended    Emma Caulfield, NCAD - Knitted Hair Poster

Product Design - Industrial or Consumer products            

Winner        Ciaran Conlan, TUD - Trail

Commended    Jessica Quinn, UL - NebuPod

Commended    Vinh Truong, TUD - Enso - The Guided Play Toolkit

Product Design - Medical Devices            

Winner        Jonathan Mearns, Ulster University - Trailblazer

Commended    Laura Kennedy, UL  - deia - a suite of sustainable menstruation management products

Film and Television            

Winner        Emily O'Connor, IADT - Banished Opera

Visual Communication  Brand Identity            

Winner        Kate McCauley, IADT - The Coop – Community Run Micro Farms

Commended    Faye Oliver, IADT - United Citizens

Commended    Holly Smyth, IADT - Ellie

Commended    Andrew Burns, IADT - Blotch Skin Health

Visual Communication  Design for Digital            

Winner        Emily Torpey, IADT - Terra, your personal forest bathing guide

Commended    Claire Dillon, LSAD - Think, Change, Live.

Commended    Melissa D'Agostini, IADT - BUNDLE!

Commended    Olivia Gangnus, IADT - Plantpal

Visual Communication Packaging Design            

Winner        Nadia Dzagmaidze, TUD - The Empowerment of Music

Commended    Jonathan Theobald, NCAD - Natural Angle

Visual Communication Printed Book            

Winner        Hannah Ecker, CIT - The Intricacies of Identity or How to Belong to Yourself

Winner        Faye Oliver, IADT - United Citizens

Commended    Claire Dillon, LSAD - Dear Liary

Commended    Andrew Burns, IADT - Becoming

Visual Communication Printed material (other than books)            

Winner        Niamh McArdle, IADT - The Student Society of Divine Dwellings

Commended    Lauren Pogue, Ulster University - The Riverside

Commended    Faye Oliver, IADT - United Citizens

Visual Communications Use of Illustration in Design            

Winner        Lijie Yan, Griffith College Dublin - All Girls Equal

Commended    Béibhínn McCarthy, NCAD - Unwelcome Guests in Dublin City

Commended    Ryan Drayne, LSAD - It's Not Always Obvious

Commended    Anna Higgisson, CCAE - The Spike Island Pilgrimage

Visual Communications Use of Typography in Design            

Winner        Kate McCauley, IADT - Tree ID 103718

Commended    Hugh Kavanagh, Marcus MacConghail, TUD - an gheabhróg

Commended    Joyce Stafford, AIT - Mappa Del Paradiso


Universal Design            

Winner        Aoife Taaffe, CIT - Social Steps

Design For Change            

Winner        Jessica Keller, UL - Degrees of Repurposing Architecture

Winner        Keith Fitzsimons, Alex Hennessy, Roisin Maher, Joe Fahy, NCAD - Seafloor