Government report - Shortfall in Irish Designers of the Future

The government's Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has published a detailed report, Together for Design, highlighting some of the key challenges faced by designers today and tomorrow.

10th June 2020


Today, the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs has published a detailed and important report, Together for Design, shining a spotlight on the future needs of the growing and fast-changing design sector. Building on the 2017 report Winning by Design, which identified Digital Design, Product Design and Strategic Design as most important to Ireland’s economic success, today’s recommendations include:

> Establishing a collective voice for leadership in design

> Policy interventions to address skills shortages in design

> Collaboration between education and enterprise

> Developing career pathways in design

> The role of design in education

Róisín Lafferty, President of IDI stated: ‘Our industry is shifting and growing at an incredible pace. Technological advances, societal shifts and changing education models all have an impact on the way in which the design sector performs.

‘This report is an important window into the very real needs of our industry, now and in the near future, that must be addressed in order to ensure the effective growth of the sector. There is much to do. However IDI is committed to supporting its members with the implementation of the findings and recommendations in the report, and welcome engagement from members as to how IDI can best make these important changes a reality.’


Read the full _ Together for Design report here