2017 Winners


Final Results for IDI Graduate Awards 2017- Winners and Commended Prizes

Animation and Motion Design

Commended: Sarah Healy, End Ageism

LIT Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD)

Winner: Stephen Mannix, 1525, Life after Text- LIT Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD)


Winner: Deepka Abbi, 1361, Supported Housing at West Gate, Drogheda, Dublin Institute of Technology

Design - Clothing (Stage Costume and Fashion Design)

Commended, Lauren McElvaney, 1580, Nostalgia, Limerick School of Art & Design

Commended, Roisin Bowling, 1500, De:Generation, Griffith College Dublin

Design Research

Commended, Stina Sandström, 1352, The Carnival Grotesque –Representations of femininity in Swedish feminist comics,


Winner: Rachel McQuillan, 1605, Pretty Ugly or Plain Ugly? The Impact of Digital Technologies on the Aesthetics of Print in Visual Communications, IADT

Digital Design: UX/UI

Winner: Cindy O'Keeffe, 1512, Nurse Notes, DIT

Commended, Dan Eames, 1528, Verses for Country Girls, NCAD

Commended, Johnny Brennan, 1692, Loop, IADT

Exhibition Design/Visual Merchandising

Commended, Emma Gorman and Ann-Katrine Johansson, 1235, Expose, DIT

Winner: Claire Bonass, 1688, Celebrat Dionysus, DIT

Fashion & Textiles: Textiles

Commended, Anja Maye, 1723, LUV Club, NCAD

Commended, Siu-Hong Mok, 1163, "The Solitude", Griffith College Dublin

Interior Design / Interior Architecture

Commended, Carol-Ann Kelleher, 1349, Nexo Sleep Pods, CIT, 

Winner: Eoin McGrath and David Fitzsimons, 1669, The Cair Pod, University of Limerick

Ove Arup Award

Winner: Julie McGrath, 1521, Oasis Homeless Shelter, Griffith College Dublin

Commended, Carol-Ann Kelleher, 1349, Nexo Sleep Pods, CIT

Product Design - Furniture Design

Commended, Gabriel Hielscher, 1383, White Giraffe Stool, GMIT Letterfrack

Winner: John Gallagher, 1645, Kerf side table, GMIT Letterfrack

Product Design - Handmade product - (Including stage and screen)

Winner: Alice Brennan, 1275, Pocket Parks Series II, NCAD

Product Design - Industrial or Consumer products

Winner: Steve Murphy, 1206, NAVU, University of Limerick

Commended, David Fitzsimons, 1623, Collr. non-Newtonian Neck Brace for Downhill Mountain Biking

University of Limerick

Product Design - Medical Devices

Winner: Sarah Keane, 1181, Algo, University of Limerick

Commended, Ben McCabe, 1314, Halo (Sports Inhaler) Maynooth University

Product Design - Social

Winner: Paul Armstrong, 1171, A DIY Climate Station: Enabling Citizen Science, University of Limerick

Transdisciplinary Design Project

Commended, Zoe Perrin, 1411, Manifest — Photo-series, NCAD

Winner: Adam Blagburn, 1664, Shackleton, NCAD

Vis Comm Brand Identity

Winner: Simon Lynch, 1710, OONA Space Summit 2017, IADT

Commended, Brian Lambert, Nola Mellon, Keith Moran, Luke McLaughlin,1647, Making a Show, DIT

Commended, Bronagh Maguire, 1708, Blanket Protest, IADT

Commended, Johnny Brennan, 1693, Loop, IADT

Vis Comm Design for Digital

Winner: Cindy O'Keeffe, Rachel Smith, Beth Toner, 1313, Hylo, DIT

Commended, Rudy Godfrey, 1339, Firstline, IADT

Commended, Conor Foran, 1588, The Unconscious Mind, NCAD

Vis Comm Packaging Design

Winner: Stina Sandström, 1825, Beasts Like Us - Film Promotion, IADT

Vis Comm Printed Book

Winner: Stina Sandström, 1824, The Norm-Critical Typography, IADT

Commended, Conor Foran, 1596, The Curious Paradox: Stammering in our society, NCAD

Vis Comm Printed material (other than books)

Winner: Viktor Gekker, 1575, [Re] coding the “City” in A Festival of Time, CCAE

Commended, Eric Lynch, 1781, System Error_, IADT

Vis Comm Use of Illustration in Design

Winner: Rachel Copley McQuillan,  Stina Sandström, Johnny Brennan, BONANZA LAND!—IADT Vis Com Graduate Showcase 2017, IADT

Commended, Viktor Gekker, 1533, [Re]coding the “City” in A Festival of Time, CCAE

Vis Comm Use of Typography in Design

Winner, Conor Foran, 1597, The Curious Paradox: Stammering in our society, NCAD

Universal Design

Winner: Karl Martin, 1297, LiteFire, DIT

Commended, Joni Wing-Yan Mok, 1156, UD-Alche(memory), Dublin Institute of Design (DID)

Commended, Carol-Ann Kelleher, 1349, Nexo Sleep Pods, CIT

Commended, Mary-Rose Rafferty, 1535, Communities made visual, DIT